We provide qualified and caring wellness professionals who will set up a workplace puppy experience for your employees. We tailor this experience to your specifications including adoptable puppies, puppy foster parent training, team building activities and guest speakers.
The best part is that all those puppy snuggles and belly scratches can change the lives of your employees and brighten your workplace.  Our corporate and networking events bring joy, collaboration, stress relief and a chance for pet adoption. Clients often say these events are the best part of their day.

We work extensively with Canine Companions for Independence at our events. Their mission is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs at no charge. This wonderful organization brings a unique learning opportunity to our events.

After overcoming this fear, she realized that animals brought immense joy and calm into her life. From then on, she has been an intense advocate for animals of all kind, but especially dogs.

Puppy Love was created to combine her two passions: memorable, wellness experiences and animal advocacy.  She wanted to introduce adoptable puppies to a wider audience. From her corporate event experience, Sabrina knew firsthand that employees would benefit from interaction with these puppies in their workplace and each of their employers would see the results in employee retention, efficiency, and wellness. To further her goal of protecting animals, Sabrina is passionate about giving back to the rescues that Puppy Love collaborates with. Puppy Love gives 20% of all proceeds back into the local animal community. She also brings dogs and their potential owners together in a fun and meaningful way. 

Sabrina Freed founded Puppy Love as a way to merge her passion for animals with her expertise in corporate event management. Sabrina was a pioneer in the field of tech conferences and large scale corporate events. Her clients have included: Microsoft, Amgen, InVision Communications and many more. From this perspective, Sabrina understands how to create memorable, amazing experiences to bring wellness to each participant and having them leave with a smile on their face along with something to remember. She has run conferences, technology expos, and corporate welfare events.

​Sabrina is also fiercely passionate about animals and making all animals feel loved and welcome. She has fostered dogs and over time discovered that her dream would be to bring the joy of fostering dogs to others. Sabrina was actually terrified of animals until she was a young adult.

Puppy Love is an employee wellness experience that brings mood enhancing, morale boosting connections to each and every event, reduces stress and increases productivity through interactive time with rescue puppies in a comfortable, fun setting.

20% of all our proceeds are donated back to our rescue and animal shelter partners. Bringing Puppy Love into your work place directly benefits animals in our community. 

Our Mission

While the events are only about two hours, I sometimes spend weeks with the puppies, fostering them between events. I had been fostering eight puppies for two weeks and had just returned them to Jake’s Wish Rescue when I thought I would have a little break to clean up chew toys and put away a few dog food bowls, when just a few days later, the unexpected happened. 

I went to the The Milo Foundation to pick up pups for my next event and just when I walked in the door, I saw Becca and Toffee. Two dogs of the same breed who were as adorable as ever. I took them and four other pups to my next event and the two of them loved every bit of attention they got. As I pulled up to the The Milo Foundation to return the six pups, I could not let go of Becca and Toffee. 

It was in that moment that I realized I needed them just as much as they needed me. They needed this second chance at life and I needed them in my life. The two could not be separated nor did I want them to be. They are the perfect duo, best of friends and now my two snuggle buddies. 

They have so much love to share and I’m so happy I found them when I did!

Becca and Toffee's adoption story

Our Promise

A Word About Founder, Sabrina Freed

Our Services

A friendly greeting.

We promise that we will help our clients feel comfortable from the very beginning of the Puppy Party.


Genuine Interactions.

Everyone on the Puppy Love staff is a pet owner. We promise a genuine, warm and loving wellness experience.


Professional service.

Our wellness coaches will make certain everyone, including our Puppies, is safe, secure, clean and well-loved.