If happiness is a warm puppy, move over, Disneyland - the happiest place on Earth last week was at #Manifest2022 in the GEODIS booth.

Undoubtedly the best booth at the conference - held at the Paris in Las Vegas, the GEODIS-sponsored Puppy Lounge and could not have been a bigger hit – with a tremendous outcome! Attendees flocked to the Lounge to enjoy a little stress relief and genuine joy with adorable rescue puppies. The surprise and delight factor? Pure magic.

And talk about a conversation-starter!!

Anyone who’s attended a trade show or conference is well acquainted with the overwhelm, saturation and stress factors - especially with COVID stubbornly lingering. GEODIS’ thinking: How can we help people de-stress and connect at the same time? Our answer: Puppies. The amazing effect these little creatures had on relaxing and opening up attendees cannot be underestimated - not to mention the positive association with GEODIS for providing this memorable experience.

It’s almost that time of year again— trade shows are coming to town and the big ones have a massive following. From game developers to wine sellers, industry leaders are preparing to showcase their latest products or services, and perhaps you’re among them. But in all the hustle and bustle what can be done to ensure your trade show booth stands out? 

Start Before the Show

Reserving your trade show booth is an investment of both time and money, so it’s important to make the most of it. In fact, many guests already know in advance which booths they want to visit, so pre-show marketing matters. Give them something to be excited about long before the actual opening day. 

Make it Unique

Trade shows are excellent face-to-face marketing events that, when properly planned, are capable of securing lasting business connections. But if you’re going to be distinct from row after row of boring cookie-cutter displays, you’ll need to find a unique angle to draw people in.    

Is Your Booth Interactive? 

Not only can trade shows level the marketing field, so to speak, but they’re an opportunity to swap expertise with the movers and shakers in your industry, as well as establish a rapport with new customers. These kinds of connections will happen naturally when people engage with your interactive booth.

Create a Lasting Impression

Most visitors spend hours walking the showroom floor where they’re inundated with pamphlets and promo products. Trade shows are a rare opportunity for exhibitors to meet face-to-face with attendees, but none of it matters if your booth isn’t memorable. 

The Benefits of Puppy Love at Your Trade Show Booth

With so many brands competing for attention, Puppy Love can give your display an exclusive advantage, create a unique experience for your exhibit, and attract notice on that crowded expo floor.

Here are a few of the benefits of adding pups to your trade show booth, even if your industry has nothing to do with animals… 

◆ Puppies are impossible to resist and build immediate curiosity, which draws traffic to your booth and away from competitors.

◆ They also provide a uniquely sweet respite from the overstimulating amount of information exchanged at expos.

◆ The innocence of pups allows people to have less guarded/more genuine interactions, and don’t be surprised if they “need” to make just one more round to visit your booth again.  

◆ Puppy Love creates a memorable experience, and memorable is what you want to be, long after the trade show is over.

Of course, there are many ways to improve your trade show booth, but none as cute as man’s best friend. Puppy Love is proud to service a trade show anywhere in the United States. For more information on bringing pooches to your workplace events, please contact us at (925) 269-7297

Puppies at a Trade Show?  Genius!!

The 4 Keys to an Effective Trade Show Booth

Puppy Love is an employee wellness experience that creates mood-enhancing, morale-boosting connections among co-workers and peers through interactive time with rescue puppies. The benefits abound – including reduced stress, increased productivity and just plain happiness.

Puppy Love arrived at Saleforces headquarters building with their organized set-up, two litters of adorable puppies and their team of Puppy Coaches to help ensure the puppies’ safety and well-being.  For the next few hours, employees engaged with the pups – enjoying countless snuggles and kisses!

The experience was not just about adorable photos (although plenty were captured as you can see), it was an exceptionally unique and effective team-bonding experience.

Here’s what we witnessed:

Initiating and Strengthening Relationships

◆ Puppies facilitated authentic and meaningful interactions among employees – allowing people to see sensitive sides of their co-workers they don’t often see. And it was inclusive; everyone from the CEO to the Cleaning Crew was welcome.

“The experience sparked conversation between people who don’t regularly interact. Employees who joined the company during the pandemic had a more challenging time creating relationships. But just a few minutes hanging with the pups caused people to relate on a more personal, genuine, fun level.”

Groom Gives his Bride a Paw-Some Surprise on Wedding Day

What's the Effect when Puppies Visit the Workplace?

We Need Each Other More Than Ever During These Uncertain Times

What is the solution:  PUPPY THERAPY

What a feel-good event.  Fun for team members and perfect tie-in with business objectives. Couldn't appreciate my company enough for organizing this awesome event for a cause.  Love working for a company that support our four-legged friends.💓

Do you want your employees to say cool stuff like this about YOUR company?  Schedule a Puppy Love experience to reduce stress at work and bring team members together.  The good vibes and camaraderie will last WAY more than 2 hours, we promise.  Even though we many not be back in our offices until next year we could meet outside for a couple of hours joy and connection.


A Significant Mood-Booster

Any given workday, most people are consumed with their hectic schedules - meetings, calls and deadlines. On a Puppy Love day, calendars are adjusted and people make a point of coming to the office.

“We “ooh-ed” and “aah-ed” and snapped photos of one another.  We instantly set up a shared folder so we could swap our pics. The good feelings expended well beyond the time we spent with pups, with people still recalling the event with smiles all afternoon!”

The smiles say it all!

We all know trade show exhibitors are after the all-important buzz factor, accomplished 10-fold with the GEODIS Puppy Lounge. Not only did attendees came running, but a journalist heard the buzz and sought out a GEODIS exec, sat down in the middle of the booth and conducted an interview – each with a puppy on their lap. The conversation organically segued into GEODIS products and value proposition. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Like we said, pure magic😃

 “Our Puppy Lounge gave us the opportunity to engage with our customers in a more personal, approachable way.  The response to the lounge has been – well - just adorable.  We can’t wait to bring our PuppyLove Party partner back next year!”        - Geodis Executive paragraph here.

What happened when Salesforce invited puppies to their office?  Far more than just the anticipated warm fuzzies.

Fostering Person Growth

◆ Playing with puppies doesn’t always come naturally to people. For some, it may even have a fear factor.  Sabrina Freed, founder of Puppy Love, had been petrified of dogs until she was 18 years old, and it became part of her mission to help others overcome similar fears with the help of her gentle mascots - Becca & Toffee - or other pups at the event. 

 “It brings me such joy when I can sit with someone quietly and help them begin the journey of what animals bring to our lives.  When their teammates see this happen, they are so happy for their friend, as they already know the secret (the joy of animals).”Type your paragraph here.

Nurture your Culture. It's your company's heart and soul.
This past year, many people have felt anxiety, loneliness and lack of focus due to prolonged isolation. In fact, 84% of employees feel working solely from home is negatively impact their mental health and increasing their stress.

We have the SOLUTION! A Puppy Love experience is guaranteed to bring joy to your team.  Let us help them re-connect, laugh and enjoy being around our pups - and each other.  We've created an enhanced set-up to ensure we're keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Here is a quote from a recent event:

"What a perfect way to bring our colleagues back to the office... with a Puppy Love Party!  Everyone who attended waled away with huge smiles on their faces and their hearts full... begging for more "Puppy Fridays". Sabrina and her team were so wonderful to work with and helped make the experience a memorable one.  We can't wait to bring them back and have many more puppy parties. in the future" Bain & Company

The Ultimate Puppy Experience: See how our puppy experience brings joy to your employees and clients.

How do you raise the bar on your Special Day to make it even more memorable?

It all began when Amit, the groom to be,  told me he wanted to surprise his wife to be and  to help take some of the wedding stress away for his bride. He wanted to make her feel calm and ready for HER day!  What better way than to snuggle with a puppy?

The bride, Rupali, was over the moon when she was met by the most adorable puppies to snuggle from Puppy Love.  Needless to say, all of Rupali wedding jitters flew out the window with the help of these little calming critters! She fell in love all over again! 

He found the perfect solution with Puppy Love who provides health & wellness experiences with rescue puppies.  They entire bridal party enjoyed 2 hours of snuggles and pictures with these adorable puppies and a few may have even been adopted the precious babies.

Sabrina, the founder of Puppy Love has been providing corporate health & wellness experiences for five years and now has found a new niche… weddings.  By seeing the joy on everyone’s face she knew this had to be one of her new offerings.  Puppy Love is located in San Francisco, LA, Orange County and Colorado with new location opening all the time.  License opportunities are available for anyone who wants to get in on this ground breaking opportunity.

The wedding planner, Jennifer from CMG Events and the photographer, Regina from JBJ Pictures were amazing at capturing the moments and making the sure the couple had their dream wedding with the photos that captured the memories forever..