The "Human Walking" Program Turns The Tables On Dog Walking

Puppy Love donates 20% of all proceeds from events to our local rescue partners

Let me help you relax your employees and you help us raise funds for a rescue in need.

I have created a new program where companies can get involved in fundraising for a local rescue, volunteer time, and enjoying walking dogs and playing with puppies while helping your employees improve their health and wellness.  How fun does that sound?  The main concept is we get you out of your office and the dogs (heroes) will rescue you from being at your desk for too long.  The different business units can have a friendly competition to see who raises the most money to help animals in need.  

The Campaign

A lot of animal rescue campaigns play “the pity card.” They appeal to people’s protective instincts by showing animals as objects of pity needing to be rescued Puppy Love wanted to do things differently. They took a lighthearted approach, and combined it with the idea of “who rescued who”? The result was the 'Human Walking" Campaign. Instead of humans taking pity on sad rescue animals, the animals are the heroes, improving the health and wellness of office workers.

What better way to combat the stress of office life than by going for walkies with a furry friend?

It’s Hard to be Human

A lot of employees have difficult lives. They sit in tiny boxes, ignored, with only a screen and a computer mouse for entertainment. They never get out into the fresh air. And they rarely get the chance to socialize. As a result, the stress keeps a lot of them on edge and irritable.

“We don’t always realize as office workers how many hours we spend cooped up inside rarely getting out,” says the Puppy Love. “So what better way to spend a lunch break than with a friend who will no doubt take the stress out of your day?”

Every human needs to get out of their cage once in a while, stretch their legs, and socialize.

Would You Like to Go for Walkies With a Furry Buddy?

Let’s work together to get your company to meet at a local park or on campus to walk and play with the animals. This helps the animals to be happy and relaxed, which means that people are more likely to adopt them. Also, it helps the dogs to stay healthy and fit.

Let me help you relax your employees and you help us raise funds for a rescue in need.

We can make this a fun internal competitive challenge to see which group can raise the most funds.